scr01There hasn’t been a new Cocos2D Podcast in over 4 months.

It was about time Mohammad Azam and I recorded another one.

This time our guest was Krzysztof Zabłocki, developer of the Foldify app and contributor to cocos2d-iphone.

Among other improvements Krzysztof added stencil buffering to CCRenderTexture.

Interviews with Mobile Game Engine Developers

The Mobile Game Engines eBook is now available!

One of the interviews is with me, about Kobold2D. KoboldTouch was at the time no more than an idea.

Jason Brownlee gave me permission to share the full interview with me (PDF, 18 pages). Go on, read it!

There are of course plenty more reknown game engine developer interviews in this book. Here’s the full list of interviewees:

  • Bill Hollings of cocos3d
  • Daniel Sperl of the Starling Framework
  • Francesco Cottone of Akihabara
  • Gabriel Jacobo of the Ignifuga Game Engine
  • Grzegorz Slazinski of the Esenthel Engine
  • Helge Forster of jPCT-AE
  • Ivan Pajuel oof ANGLE
  • Ka Wing Chin of Flixel Android
  • Mario Zechner of Libgdx
  • Matthew Thurley of Dwarf-fw
  • Nikolaus Gebhardt of CopperLicht
  • Robert Green of BatteryTech
  • Robert Rose of Bork 3D
  • Steffen Itterheim of Kobold2D
  • Travis Berthelot of AllBinary
  • Patrick Carson Meehan of Moai SDK
  • Diney Bomfim of NinevehGL
  • Michael Bayne of PlayN
  • Louis Stowasser of CraftyJS
  • Marco Di Benedetto of SpiderGL
  • Walter Luh of Corona SDK
  • Kirill Vainer of jMonkeyEngine

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