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On January 8, 2013, in KoboldTouch, by Steffen Itterheim

koboldtouch_softwareboxopentop_250x250While I did the year’s end reports on practically everything, I also ran the numbers on KoboldTouch.

Now that it’s been available for just over two months, I decided to make the $39.95 plan available for everyone which was previously only available to Learn Cocos2D 2 book owners. This plan replaces the $44.95 plan.

The “3-months only” plan is now also down from $44.95 to $39.95.

Check out KoboldTouch here.

Please take the KoboldTouch survey. I highly appreciate your feedback, thank you!

With actual sales figures of the past two months I could see a clear pattern:

Only one person signed up for the regular $44.95 plan. Therefore it did not make sense to continue offering the $44.95 plan.

Three quarters of all members signed up for the $39.95 plan for book owners. I’m interested to see if signup rate increases after opening the $39.95 plan to everyone.

I don’t think that the $45 price point was the issue here. I believe it was the cheaper plan being only available for book owners, while everyone else would have had to pay $20 more per year. This inequality may have deterred potential customers. Perhaps a purely psychological thing?

On thursday (UPDATE: re-scheduled for February to gather more stats and run a survey) I’ll publish a blog post with more numbers (members, affiliates, refunds, revenue, …) on KoboldTouch, and what the goals are for this year. I’ll say this much: it’s on its way to become a self-sustainable business within months. Stay tuned!

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