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On November 13, 2011, in Announcements, by Steffen Itterheim

I opened an Affiliate Store page to be able to promote and sell other developer’s products.

Recently I decided to write one big post every other week (bi-weekly on Thursdays) as my iDevBlogADay post. I also wanted to create something exceptional each time. In particular the Compiler Directives list worked great. It bothered me that there was no such list. And apparently I wasn’t the only one looking for that.

That made me start regarding the iDevBlogADay posts essentially as paid writing jobs. Regardless of how little that payment may be, it is adding to my bottom line and it is a welcome additional incentive to put my best efforts into it.

Here are the most recent iDevBlogADay posts:

The Affiliate Store offers the obvious Cocos2D source code products from various developers. But I also am experimenting with the Binpress marketplace which is selling source code components for all kinds of needs and languages. I’m also a big fan of Indie games and that’s why I added Frayed Knights. It’s the kind of RPG game you’ll love when you’ve enjoyed playing Wizardry – which I did.

I you have a product that you think I should host as an affiliate, please get in touch with me via comments or the e-mail button at the top right corner next to the Twitter and RSS buttons.

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