TilemapKit: Tilemaps for Cocos2D, now available!

On September 10, 2015, in Announcements, by Steffen Itterheim

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 12.26.32In case you haven’t heard of my latest project, please check it out: TilemapKit.

TilemapKit is now available for sale and works with both Cocos2D-ObjC and Cocos2D-SpriteBuilder.

What is TilemapKit?

In a nutshell, it’s a complete implementation of Tiled’s TMX format and all of Tiled’s features with a super-fast, multithreaded renderer and advanced features such as creating grid graphs for pathfinding, support for normal-mapped lighting of tilemaps, all necessary coordinate conversion methods and then some.

TilemapKit is free of artifacts, you can use multiple tilesets per tile layer, it plays tile animations, and can assign Tiled properties to any object via KVC.

There’s so much more to it, you should simply visit the features page from where you can also download the TilemapKit Trial.

Please post your questions and feedback on the TilemapKit forum and browse the roadmap, perhaps you’ll want to vote on one of the items or add your own.

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