Learn SpriteBuilder: Publish Date Nov 24th

On November 14, 2014, in Announcements, book, idevblogaday, by Steffen Itterheim

Learn SpriteBuilder Quick notice: only 10 more days to go!

Learn SpriteBuilder has a release date set to Nov 24th.

I suppose the eBook version will by available by that date and you can also get many chapters in the alpha program right now.

The print edition may need a few more days to distribute depending on where you live or from where you order.

Read this if you want to learn more about Learn SpriteBuilder, and try SpriteBuilder in the App Store.

Enjoy it! :)

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12 Responses to “Learn SpriteBuilder: Publish Date Nov 24th”

  1. Garrett Hedman says:

    Very excited for this book! I learned app development off Itterheim’s Learn Cocos2d Game Development book a year ago, and I can only imagine this book will be 1) as well written/easy to understand as his previous books 2) addressing common issues (Itterheim is an avid StackOverflow contributor always addressing the major concerns of coders) and 3) the forefront of app development (Itterheim has always had a drive to find out what is best for developers excluding his own personal bias).

  2. Hi Steffen:
    I bought the alpha edition, today is 27th isn’t available yet the final edition? What about the code?


    • The code will be available on the Apress website, in a “Downloads/Source Code” tab on the bottom of this page: http://www.apress.com/9781484202630
      I don’t know when but hopefully this will be available in a few days time.

      • Thang Duong says:

        Dear Mr.Steffen Itterheim,

        I bought Learn SpriteBuilder for iOS Game Development, and its title was still Alpha. So i could not download the source code for reference.
        The reason i want to get the source code, because at the Figure 3-12 page 31 chapter 3, the final result has a little different points if we use SB Version: 1.3.6. So i want to check if i had any mistakes while following step by step from your guide or the version is different and make this content different from the old version which was used by you. I follow your guide line by line many times, but the result is always has a little different from your book.
        I hope to get the source code soon for checking soon.
        And I bought ebook version, not paper version. Is it the different point to get source code, dear Mr.Steffen Itterheim?

        Thanks in advance,

        • Thang Duong says:

          Dear Mr.Steffen Itterheim,

          I contacted the Apress’s customer service department. And they said that ”
          We have posted the source code of the title “Learn SpriteBuilder for iOS Game Development” on the webpage.
          However, they will be available for the download by this weekend.
          Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Thanks for your continued support.”

          Sorry for bothering you, dear Mr.Steffen Itterheim.

          Best regards,

          • Thang Duong says:

            Besides that, your book is so great. I learned a lot of new knowledge from your book when i take the first steps on game-programming field.
            Once again, thanks so much, Mr.Steffen Itterheim.

            Best regards,

          • Thank you! Good to hear that the source code will be available soon.
            Figure 3-12 may look a bit different depending of colors and chosen sizes. As long as the parallax scrolling works it should be fine.

      • Actually is available! :) Thanks Steffen for the great book!

  3. Steve Doc says:

    Hello Steffen.

    The book is awesome, hands down one of the best I’ve read for iOS game design.

    I was wondering if you will release a version of the book or source code in swift?
    And if not do you know of anyone who has converted the source code to swift?


    • Thank you!

      Unfortunately I won’t be porting the source code to Swift. I started porting the code for Learn SpriteBuilder a while ago, but ran into unsurmountable issues with Swift 1.2.

      But since you mentioned it, I’ve uploaded the work-in-progress state: Learn SpriteBuilder Swift Code (provided “as is”).

      This may ease porting some code to Swift but it’s definitely not compiling in Xcode 7 as it’s Swift 1.2 code. The update to Swift 2.0 should not be that difficult but the main showstopper was that cocos2d’s rendering API uses GLKit math and vectors, which are unions, an unions weren’t supported in Swift 1.2. Not sure if they’re available in 2.0.

      • Steve Doc says:

        Thanks for the link and explanation. It was driving me nuts trying to figure it out but in light of this info I think I’ll wait to see if the situation is resolved in 2.0

        thanks again! You Rock!