Cocos2D Podcast Special: Zynga & Cocos2D

On May 14, 2011, in cocos2d, podcast, by Steffen Itterheim

Azam and I thought that the recent news (Zynga hiring Cocos2D key contributors) justifies a Zynga-Special Cocos2D Podcast episode where we talk about Zynga and what this deal might bring for the future.

I have some background with large corporations and was in a startup trying to secure venture capital funding, so I find it specifically interesting to speculate on rationale and things to come.

We now have two almost opposite entities working closely together: Ricardo Quesada, a strong supporter of the open source idea and disapproving commercial exploitation of Cocos2D, and Zynga, one of the fastest growing games company with record revenues and huge venture capital investments going into them. How does this fit together?

Cocos2D Podcast Special: Zynga & Cocos2D

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  1. Just listening to myself. OMG. My excuse: I was tired. :)