Dan Nelson has worked on his Cocos2D based game BATAK Duel (view it on iTunes) for 5 months. He received dozens of requests from fellow developers to share his source code. About 3 weeks ago he made the game’s source code available for purchase, for $297.

The feature list is quite impressive:

– A Complete iPhone Game Framework, can easily be customised for your next game!
– Seamless OpenFeint integration
– Learn how to set up OpenFeint achievements
– How to set up a menu system with multiple sections
– How to save and restore user settings
– How to implement a Singleton object for global variable support
– Discover how to create Fire and Smoke Effects
– How to set up a visually impressive ‘opponent ladder‘
– See how to use Particle systems to create superb visual effects (for example, a huge storm with torrential rain!)
– How to detect when a fast moving object has been touched by the player
– How to play multiple sound effects simultaneously
– How to play and pause music
– How to pause and resume the game
– How to handle the input of player ‘unlock codes‘ using a UITextField control
and a super cool transparent pop up keyboard!
– How to set up a smooth scrolling ‘Credits‘ section

Read Dan’s announcement or go ahead and purchase the BATAK Duel source code. What’s more, Dan has setup an affiliate link that you can put up on your website. For each sale made through the affiliate link you’ll get a 35% commission ($103.95). To make use of the affiliate link you have to register as affiliate with e-Junkie and select the BATAK Duel Cocos2D Source Code product.

By the way, you get the full Xcode project and all of the art, music and sound files but the asset files are not intended for redistribution, eg. you can’t include them in your own game.

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