Andreas Löw has released an updated version (v2.1) of his Texture Atlas creation tool called Texture Packer (Pro). The Pro version ($17.95) provides you with a GUI interface, the non-Pro version ($9.95) is a command line tool. The latter actually runs behind the scenes in the GUI version.

Here’s the list of changes introduced in Texture Packer v2.1:

The free version is now enhanced so that you can create textures up to 2048×2048 pixels without paying a single cent!

The free PVR/PVR.CCZ previewer lets you view the images – just doubleclick them in finder! Including preview for PVRTC.

Other features:

  • *.pvr and *.pvr.ccz previewer! (free for all)
  • AutoSD allows automatically creation of standard resolution images from highres images (–auto-sd) (pro/cli)
  • Process *.tps files from command line (pro)
  • Drag’n’drop sprites to tree view to add them
  • PVRTC2/PVRTC4 compression
  • Enhanced color reduction quality (pro/cli)
  • Additional dithering algorithm (Atkinson)
  • Linear quantization
  • Nearest neighbour quantization
  • Premultiply alpha (pro/cli)
  • Option to disable automated alias creation
  • Choose heuristics for MaxRects algorithm (pro/cli)
  • Creation of non power of 2 textures

The update is available using auto-update or download from:

Read more about the Texture Packer features, read the Texture Packer manual (PDF) or go directly to the shop (Share*it!).

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7 Responses to “Linkvent Calendar, Day 8: TexturePacker Pro updated”

  1. fandang0 says:

    TexturePacker is good tool. Actually I have Zwoptex license too. Zwoptex has great design and usability, but loses to TP in term of number of features. As I know Robert will publish great update for Zwoptex soon.
    I choose Zwoptex because of design and no bugs. In latest TP release I discovered several issues, but had no time to fill bugs. That’s made my choose.

  2. andreas.loew says:

    Which version are your refering to?

    The stable or the beta versions? I have both on my webpage and betas might contain errors – this is why they are beta.

    If you got problems please send them to me – I usually fix bugs withing 24h…

  3. fandang0 says:

    I want to bring apologizes. Mentioned issue is not an issue, but usable feature. TexturePacker recognizes equal sprites and only adds one of the sprites and creates a reference from the other one.

    Andreas, thanks for your support.

  4. andreas.loew says:

    This featuere is called auto aliasing.

    If TexturePacker finds identical sprites it only adds one sprite to the sheet and creates a reference to this one for all identical ones. This saves memory especially when using it with animations which have equal animation phases.
    Read more about this here:

    TexturePacker GUI signals this by displaying a small stack icon for aliased sprites.

    If you don’t want this feature you can simply disable it by removing the tick behind “Enable auto alias”.

    I really don’t see what is not usable about this feature – perhaps it is not what you expected in this case.

    By the way: You talked about several issues above. Can you please tell me what the other issues are?

    It would be a fair to inform the developer if you have *real* problems instead of complaining and marking good software bad in public blogs…

    • fandang0 says:

      Yes, absolutely agree with you. My bad and please accept my apologies. I will contact you in case of new issues.