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OpenGW + Platformer Game

OpenGW is work-in-progress, it will be the successor to KoboldTouch. OpenGW is an entity component framework with a similar MVC architecture like KoboldTouch and works with both Sprite Kit (Kobold Kit) and in the future cocos2d-iphone v3.

Download OpenGW Preview 2 (provided “as is”)

New in preview 2:
– Sprite Frame Animation system (OGWAnimation* classes, animations.lua), supports animation variations (randomly play one of several animations)
– Multipeer connectivity (currently hacked to connect two specific devices, see ViewController.m)
– Improvements to/bugfixes for platformer physics, for example one-sided slopes and moving the character’s anchorPoint to bottom center

Try out the following Xcode workspaces/projects:


This is a minimal code example that shows how to create an open game world. Notice that HelloSceneController is the same for both engines, and IntroScene is also the same but with a few #ifdefs to conditionally compile engine specific code.


Platformer game, work in progress. Builds with Kobold Kit (Sprite Kit) and iOS.

OpenGW Website
OpenGW Class Reference
OpenGW Wiki/Docs
OpenGW Forum/Support


Download KoboldTouch


Visit the KoboldTouch Documentation. First time users should read the New User’s Guides.

The KoboldTouch API References are located here.

Essential Cocos2D is now freely available and hosted on

Support Forum

The Support Forum is hosted on It is the shared support forum for all Kobold products (2D/Touch/Kit).

Bonus: Line-Drawing Game Starterkit

The Line-Drawing Game Starterkit for cocos2d-iphone is free for KoboldTouch customers. Download the Line-Drawing Starterkit here.

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