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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AppDelegateThe Application Delegate which receives all the OS callbacks
AssetHelperMakes loading device-dependant resoures (assets) easier
GameBackgroundProvides the background image/animations of the scene
GameHUDDisplays Score Labels and could also be used to show the graphic frames enclosing score labels (optional)
GameObjectsContains all moving game objects which can be given a Path
GamePathsContains, manages and creates all Paths
GameSceneThe scene (CCLayer) where the game takes place
GameUIDisplays the User Interface the player can interact with during the game
IncomingMarkerThey are the small warning signs that appear at the screen borders when a new object is moving in from outside the screen
MainMenuMainMenu is a placeholder for your pregame menu
MathHelperHelpful Math routines and commonly used calculations
MotivationalsManages motivational labels when landing, praising the player so he wants to see more of them
MovingObjectMoving objects are the objects the player can touch to draw a Path for them
ObjectDefContains all configurable gameplay parameters of any MovingObject
ObjectDefsSingleton that gives you access to all Object Definitions and is the central class for creating MovingObject types
PathA path is a list of CGPoint with special attributes that are drawn on screen
PathPointAll information to define a single PathPoint
<PauseDelegateProtocol>Callback for bringing up the game pause menu
TargetObjectDefines the position, radius and type of places where your objects can land, dock, etc
TargetObjectsTargetObjects manages the landing pads, docks or whatever you choose
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