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CCTargetedAction Class Reference

#import <CCActionInterval.h>

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithTarget:action:

Static Public Member Functions

(id) + actionWithTarget:action:

Protected Attributes

id _forcedTarget


id forcedTarget

Detailed Description

Overrides the target of an action so that it always runs on the target specified at action creation rather than the one specified by runAction.

Member Function Documentation

+ (id) actionWithTarget: (id)  target
action: (CCFiniteTimeAction *)  action 

Create an action with the specified action and forced target

- (id) initWithTarget: (id)  target
action: (CCFiniteTimeAction *)  action 

Init an action with the specified action and forced target

Property Documentation

- (id) forcedTarget [read, write, retain]

This is the target that the action will be forced to run with

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