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CCTMXObjectGroup Class Reference

#import <CCTMXObjectGroup.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

(id) - propertyNamed:
(NSMutableDictionary *) - objectNamed:

Protected Attributes

NSString * _groupName
CGPoint _positionOffset
NSMutableArray * _objects
NSMutableDictionary * _properties


NSString * groupName
CGPoint positionOffset
NSMutableArray * objects
NSMutableDictionary * properties

Detailed Description

CCTMXObjectGroup represents the TMX object group.


Member Function Documentation

- (NSMutableDictionary*) objectNamed: (NSString *)  objectName

return the dictionary for the specific object name. It will return the 1st object found on the array for the given name.

- (id) propertyNamed: (NSString *)  propertyName

return the value for the specific property name

Property Documentation

- (NSString*) groupName [read, write, retain]

name of the group

- (NSMutableArray*) objects [read, write, retain]

array of the objects

- (CGPoint) positionOffset [read, write, assign]

offset position of child objects

- (NSMutableDictionary*) properties [read, write, retain]

list of properties stored in a dictionary

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