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CCTMXMapInfo Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithTMXFile:
(id) - initWithXML:resourcePath:

Static Public Member Functions

(id) + formatWithTMXFile:
(id) + formatWithXML:resourcePath:

Protected Attributes

NSMutableString * _currentString
BOOL _storingCharacters
int _layerAttribs
int _parentElement
unsigned int _parentGID
unsigned int _currentFirstGID
NSString * _filename
NSString * _resources
int _orientation
CGSize _mapSize
CGSize _tileSize
NSMutableArray * _layers
NSMutableArray * _tilesets
NSMutableArray * _objectGroups
NSMutableDictionary * _properties
NSMutableDictionary * _tileProperties


int orientation
CGSize mapSize
CGSize tileSize
NSMutableArray * layers
NSMutableArray * tilesets
NSString * filename
NSString * resources
NSMutableArray * objectGroups
NSMutableDictionary * properties
NSMutableDictionary * tileProperties

Member Function Documentation

+ (id) formatWithTMXFile: (NSString *)  tmxFile

creates a TMX Format with a tmx file

+ (id) formatWithXML: (NSString *)  tmxString
resourcePath: (NSString *)  resourcePath 

creates a TMX Format with an XML string and a TMX resource path

- (id) initWithTMXFile: (NSString *)  tmxFile

initializes a TMX format with a tmx file

- (id) initWithXML: (NSString *)  tmxString
resourcePath: (NSString *)  resourcePath 

initializes a TMX format with an XML string and a TMX resource path

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