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CCShaderCache Class Reference

#import <CCShaderCache.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

(void) - loadDefaultShaders
(CCGLProgram *) - programForKey:
(void) - addProgram:forKey:

Static Public Member Functions

(CCShaderCache *) + sharedShaderCache
(void) + purgeSharedShaderCache

Protected Attributes

NSMutableDictionary * _programs

Detailed Description

CCShaderCache Singleton that stores manages GL shaders


Member Function Documentation

- (void) addProgram: (CCGLProgram *)  program
forKey: (NSString *)  key 

adds a CCGLProgram to the cache for a given name

loads the default shaders

- (CCGLProgram *) programForKey: (NSString *)  key

returns a GL program for a given key

purges the cache. It releases the retained instance.

returns the shared instance

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