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CCPointArray Class Reference

#import <CCActionCatmullRom.h>

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithCapacity:
(void) - addControlPoint:
(void) - insertControlPoint:atIndex:
(void) - replaceControlPoint:atIndex:
(CGPoint) - getControlPointAtIndex:
(void) - removeControlPointAtIndex:
(NSUInteger) - count
(CCPointArray *) - reverse
(void) - reverseInline

Static Public Member Functions

(id) + arrayWithCapacity:

Protected Attributes

NSMutableArray * _controlPoints


NSMutableArray * controlPoints

Detailed Description

An Array that contain control points. Used by CCCardinalSplineTo and (By) and CCCatmullRomTo (and By) actions.

Member Function Documentation

- (void) addControlPoint: (CGPoint)  controlPoint

appends a control point

+ (id) arrayWithCapacity: (NSUInteger)  capacity

creates and initializes a Points array with capacity

- (NSUInteger) count

returns the number of objects of the control point array

- (CGPoint) getControlPointAtIndex: (NSInteger)  index

get the value of a controlPoint at a given index

- (id) initWithCapacity: (NSUInteger)  capacity

initializes a Catmull Rom config with a capacity hint

- (void) insertControlPoint: (CGPoint)  controlPoint
atIndex: (NSUInteger)  index 

inserts a controlPoint at index

- (void) removeControlPointAtIndex: (NSUInteger)  index

deletes a control point at a given index

- (void) replaceControlPoint: (CGPoint)  controlPoint
atIndex: (NSUInteger)  index 

replaces an existing controlPoint at index

returns a new copy of the array reversed. User is responsible for releasing this copy

- (void) reverseInline

reverse the current control point array inline, without generating a new one

Property Documentation

- (NSMutableArray*) controlPoints [read, write, retain]

Array that contains the control points

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