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CCParticleSystemQuad Class Reference

#import <CCParticleSystemQuad.h>

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Public Member Functions

(void) - initIndices
(void) - initTexCoordsWithRect:
(void) - setDisplayFrame:
(void) - setTexture:withRect:

Protected Attributes

GLushort * _indices
GLuint _VAOname
GLuint _buffersVBO [2]

Detailed Description

CCParticleSystemQuad is a subclass of CCParticleSystem

It includes all the features of ParticleSystem.

Special features and Limitations:

  • Particle size can be any float number.
  • The system can be scaled
  • The particles can be rotated
  • It supports subrects
  • It supports batched rendering since 1.1

Member Function Documentation

- (void) initIndices

initialices the indices for the vertices

- (void) initTexCoordsWithRect: (CGRect)  rect

initilizes the texture with a rectangle measured Points

- (void) setDisplayFrame: (CCSpriteFrame *)  spriteFrame

Sets a new CCSpriteFrame as particle. WARNING: this method is experimental. Use setTexture:withRect instead.

- (void) setTexture: (CCTexture2D *)  texture
withRect: (CGRect)  rect 

Sets a new texture with a rect. The rect is in Points.


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