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CCParallaxNode Class Reference

#import <CCParallaxNode.h>

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Public Member Functions

(void) - addChild:z:parallaxRatio:positionOffset:

Protected Attributes

CGPoint _lastPosition



Detailed Description

CCParallaxNode: A node that simulates a parallax scroller

The children will be moved faster / slower than the parent according the the parallax ratio.

Member Function Documentation

- (void) addChild: (CCNode *)  node
z: (NSInteger)  z
parallaxRatio: (CGPoint)  c
positionOffset: (CGPoint)  positionOffset 

Adds a child to the container with a z-order, a parallax ratio and a position offset It returns self, so you can chain several addChilds.


Property Documentation

- (ccArray*) parallaxArray [read, write, assign]

array that holds the offset / ratio of the children

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