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CCAnimationFrame Class Reference

#import <CCAnimation.h>

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithSpriteFrame:delayUnits:userInfo:

Protected Attributes

float _delayUnits
NSDictionary * _userInfo


float delayUnits
NSDictionary * userInfo

Detailed Description

CCAnimationFrame A frame of the animation. It contains information like:

  • sprite frame name
  • # of delay units.
  • offset

Member Function Documentation

- (id) initWithSpriteFrame: (CCSpriteFrame *)  spriteFrame
delayUnits: (float)  delayUnits
userInfo: (NSDictionary *)  userInfo 

initializes the animation frame with a spriteframe, number of delay units and a notification user info

Property Documentation

- (float) delayUnits [read, write, assign]

how many units of time the frame takes

- (CCSpriteFrame*) spriteFrame [read, write, retain]

CCSpriteFrameName to be used

- (NSDictionary*) userInfo [read, write, retain]

A CCAnimationFrameDisplayedNotification notification will be broadcasted when the frame is displayed with this dictionary as UserInfo. If UserInfo is nil, then no notification will be broadcasted.

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