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CCActionManager Class Reference

#import <CCActionManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

(void) - addAction:target:paused:
(void) - removeAllActions
(void) - removeAllActionsFromTarget:
(void) - removeAction:
(void) - removeActionByTag:target:
(CCAction *) - getActionByTag:target:
(NSUInteger) - numberOfRunningActionsInTarget:
(void) - pauseTarget:
(void) - resumeTarget:
(NSSet *) - pauseAllRunningActions
(void) - resumeTargets:

Static Public Member Functions


Protected Attributes

BOOL currentTargetSalvaged

Detailed Description

CCActionManager the object that manages all the actions. Normally you won't need to use this API directly. 99% of the cases you will use the CCNode interface, which uses this object. But there are some cases where you might need to use this API directly: Examples:

  • When you want to run an action where the target is different from a CCNode.
  • When you want to pause / resume the actions

Member Function Documentation

- (void) addAction: (CCAction *)  action
target: (id)  target
paused: (BOOL)  paused 

Adds an action with a target. If the target is already present, then the action will be added to the existing target. If the target is not present, a new instance of this target will be created either paused or paused, and the action will be added to the newly created target. When the target is paused, the queued actions won't be 'ticked'.

- (CCAction*) getActionByTag: (NSInteger)  tag
target: (id)  target 

Gets an action given its tag an a target

the Action the with the given tag
- (NSUInteger) numberOfRunningActionsInTarget: (id)  target

Returns the numbers of actions that are running in a certain target Composable actions are counted as 1 action. Example: If you are running 1 Sequence of 7 actions, it will return 1. If you are running 7 Sequences of 2 actions, it will return 7.

Pauses all running actions, returning a list of targets whose actions were paused.

- (void) pauseTarget: (id)  target

Pauses the target: all running actions and newly added actions will be paused.

- (void) removeAction: (CCAction *)  action

Removes an action given an action reference.

- (void) removeActionByTag: (NSInteger)  tag
target: (id)  target 

Removes an action given its tag and the target

- (void) removeAllActions

Removes all actions from all the targets.

- (void) removeAllActionsFromTarget: (id)  target

Removes all actions from a certain target. All the actions that belongs to the target will be removed.

- (void) resumeTarget: (id)  target

Resumes the target. All queued actions will be resumed.

- (void) resumeTargets: (NSSet *)  targetsToResume

Resume a set of targets (convenience function to reverse a pauseAllRunningActions call)

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