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CCVertex.h File Reference
#import "ccTypes.h"
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void ccVertexLineToPolygon (CGPoint *points, float stroke, ccVertex2F *vertices, NSUInteger offset, NSUInteger nuPoints)
BOOL ccVertexLineIntersect (float Ax, float Ay, float Bx, float By, float Cx, float Cy, float Dx, float Dy, float *T)

Detailed Description

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BOOL ccVertexLineIntersect ( float  Ax,
float  Ay,
float  Bx,
float  By,
float  Cx,
float  Cy,
float  Dx,
float  Dy,
float *  T 

returns whether or not the line intersects

void ccVertexLineToPolygon ( CGPoint *  points,
float  stroke,
ccVertex2F vertices,
NSUInteger  offset,
NSUInteger  nuPoints 

converts a line to a polygon