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9 Responses to “KoboldTouch Sales Numbers and Outlook”

  1. Zin Ko says:


    I am new to iOS development and start learning cocos2d. Should I abandon my learning on cocos2d in order to join and learn KoboldTouch?

    • Good question, I wish I knew the right answer to this. I mean from my point of view it’s obvious :) but I don’t dare to say whether KT is easier to learn than cocos2d. It’s certainly different, and I hope it’s easier to use too, but yet it’s not as well documented if you consider the gazillion cocos2d tutorials (and books) out there.

    • Volker says:

      It is hard to make decisions for someone else or recommendations along those lines. But what I can do is tell you my personal experience:

      – I am sort of familiar with some programming languages but had not used C++ or objective C before
      – wanted to do iOS game development. started with Cocos2d in Jan, got frustrated with C but got over that by now
      – got very frustrated with the limitations of tilemaps in Cocos and googled around, found KoboldTouch tilemap specs which are amazing
      – tried it for 1 month
      – loved the tilemap functionality
      – more importantly though REALLY benefitted from automatically moving to ARC (read up if you don’t know what this is) and MVC in the process. was a steep learnign curve but SO worth it, running with no memory leakage so far (IMHO)

      Overall it forced me into a few things that turned out to be just the right thing. Give it a try, the less you get used to Cocos2d before the easier maybe to wean yourself off.

      Only downside is you need a few examples that work to see how things flow, but Steffen has done a few and with the locomotive game coming up will show-case a lot of things even more.

      • Thanks for the kind words! Whenever I have to use non-ARC code, it feels like I’m back in the 80s again. ARC has greatly cleaned up my code because it’s no longer littered with memory management noise. And work is so much smoother if you don’t have to think about retain/release anymore, with a few exceptions.

  2. Steffen,

    I’m very excited to hear that things are working out for Kobold Touch. I am one of those reoccurring 3 month members on click bank and to be honest, as long as you keep responding to questions and bugs as quickly as you have been I’ll be a member for life. But seriously reoccurring options are easier for everyone. You might think you are protecting the consumer more by defaulting to non -reoccurring payments but really you might save them fr one additional te if they are unhappy. Otherwise you make it easier on me and get reoccurring revenue, which you deserve… To say the least if you keep your response time as amazing as they are now. Keep up the great work!

    Any one else reading that’s familiar with cocos 2d kobold 2d is already much better and will continue to be easier to implement.

    – Richard Geier

    • Thanks! :)

      I had this idea for new recurring pricing plans that would require very little change. The 1-Month recurring would be cheaper than it is now ($15 -> $45 per quarter) and the 3-month stays as is ($40) but becomes recurring again. And I could still offer the existing yearly plan ($120) which would not be recurring, but that also shouldn’t be an issue since renewal would only be once a year anyway.

      The more I think about it, the more recurring billing sounds like the way to move forward. I’m thinking I should make the switch on 15th so I have exactly one month of data for the non-recurring billing plans.

      • Alex says:


        I agree with Richard – keep the recurring plan alive please. I am lousy if comes to remember to renew such a thing… For the moment e.g. I am completely doing *nothing* for a couple of weeks except for my day job, vacation and health/fitness stuff… I would be fallen of the plan already if it would not be recurring.

        (I remember I am still on this first one for book owners)

        Other topic – great it works at least out for you to continue, I guess the train game will help pushing the reputation further.

        My project for after the vacation time is still undecided – I am planning on adding some features to my game ECHO, but since this is 1,5 yrs old grown code my gutt feeling tells me I need to refactor :-))

        so maybe I will try to port it to KT over a weekend and see where the stepstones are.

        Other but that I have started two other prototypes with KT, and they work great so far, so once the day will come – I will push a KT based game to the store! promised!


  3. Sorry about the typos, only iPhone prob I have 😉