KoboldTouch: New Plans & Pricing, and FAQ

On February 14, 2013, in KoboldTouch, by Steffen Itterheim

I added two additional Plans to KoboldTouch:

  • NEW: 1-Month Support & Updates: $19.95
  • 3-Months Support & Updates: $39.95 (same as before)
  • NEW: 12-Months Support & Updates: $119.95 (4 quarters for the price of 3)

All plans are now non-recurring / not auto-renewing. No more subscription plans.

The 1-Month plan is for trying out KoboldTouch, or getting or updating it cheaply. Lowering the barrier of entry. I want to increase the user base to gather more feedback, requests and suggestions.

The 12-Month plan is for supporters and early adopters who are willing to invest into KoboldTouch while saving money in the long run.

Note: You can continue using and publishing apps built with KoboldTouch even after your support & updates plan has expired.

Learn more about KoboldTouch and sign up.

Target Audience

At this point KoboldTouch isn’t for everyone (yet). I decided to narrow the focus to the type of users I seem to have convinced and the type of users I like to work with and attract more. I summed it up like so:

KoboldTouch is a custom-built game engine for demanding iOS & Mac OS X developers.

Demanding means that these developers know what they need. They know why cocos2d isn’t good enough for them. They value highly that bugs they report get fixed timely, and the features they suggest get implemented, and any other issues are being addressed one way or another. They demand a lot from themselves too, in terms of learning to use a new framework in order to write cleaner, more modular, more reusable code. They are professionals and ambitious hobbyists.

Custom-built means that ultimately the progress and direction of KoboldTouch depend on customer feedback and suggestions. If it’s in demand it’ll be in KoboldTouch! If there’s an urgent issue it will be addressed with priority.


From time to time I receive questions concerning the future of KoboldTouch. Is it sustainable? Is there any chance I might stop developing it?

No way!

Within the first 3 months over 70 users had signed up. This number merely needs to double, and those users need to stay active for KoboldTouch to become profitable. Projections of the recent growth rate indicate Koboldtouch will break even by summer 2013. Even if it were to take much longer than that I’ll continue and am able to keep working on it way past into 2014. I’ll spend my savings if I have to.

The way I look at it is this:

There’s no way I’ll spend a year or more on a product that I believe in, that I enjoy working on, listing and reacting to customer needs and suggestions, adjusting business, marketing and programming decisions accordingly, and not end up with a uniquely appealing and ultimately profitable product.

No way.

The surveys I ran tell me that ambitious developers want a better solution for building iOS & Mac games than what cocos2d-iphone offers, and KoboldTouch is on the right track to be that solution. The sales data I collected tells me that it has great potential to be a successful business.

Sign up and see for yourself.

Take the KoboldTouch survey to tell me what you think of it, and to enable me to make the right adjustments.

Post a comment below with any question or suggestion you might have, and share this post to spread the message.

Thank you!

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