Coming Soon: Learn Cocos2D 2 and Essential Cocos2D

On September 13, 2012, in Announcements, book, by Steffen Itterheim

Learn Cocos2D 2 – Game Development for iOS will finally be available on September 19th 2012. Completely updated for cocos2d-iphone 2.0, Kobold2D 2.0 and ARC.

But that isn’t all!

Essential Cocos2D – The Definitive Reference is an online documentation for cocos2d-iphone 2.0 and Kobold2D. More details soon. In the meantime, here’s a sample chapter about How Draw Order Works in Cocos2D.

UPDATE: Essential Cocos2D is now available!

What’s the difference?

Both book and online documentation complement each other. In short, where Learn Cocos2D 2 is all about learning by developing cool example game projects with the best tools currently available, the Essential Cocos2D reference documentation explains how cocos2d-iphone and Kobold2D work in detail.

Learn Cocos2D 2 is for starters, who have little or no experience with one or more of: Cocos2D, iOS, Xcode, or game development in general. Essential Cocos2D is for those who need all the technical details they can get and whenever you need to look things up by tasks, classes or methods.

I’m working hard to make Essential Cocos2D available the same day as the book, but at most a few days later. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to “Coming Soon: Learn Cocos2D 2 and Essential Cocos2D”

  1. Juanma says:

    When you release Essential Cocos2D? September 19th 2012? Price?

    Thanks and congrats for your book!!