New Cocos2D & iOS Products Hot Off The Keyboard!

On September 20, 2012, in Marketing, by Steffen Itterheim

Learn cocos2d 2 is hot off the press and it once again entered Apress’ weekly bestseller chart (see banner on far right).

Now with iOS 6 released it’s about time I updated my Affiliate Products page.

Because there have been some awesome new products released. In order of most recently released:


iOS 6 by Tutorials

iOS 6 by Tutorials

Ray Wenderlich and his team wasted no time in releasing this massive 1,500 pages tutorial double-whopper that’s actually a 5-star iOS 6 gourmet menu!

For a limited time the book is 10% off ($44) and you can also get it in a bundle with the previous iOS 5 by Tutorials book.


Commander Cool Game Starter Kit

Create your own platformer game for iOS and Mac with this game kit made with Cocos2D. As always with CartoonSmart products, you get an hour-long video documentation. Jump, run and be cool!

Commander Cool is available in both a personal license ($100) and a developer license ($350) which allows you to build apps for clients based on the kit.


Paralaxer: Cross-Platform Platformer Kit


Paralaxer is possibly the first commercial game kit available that uses Cocos2D-X. Ported to iOS, Android, Windows and Mac it also comes with a free ebook “How to Make a Platformer Game With Cocos2D-X” by Nat Weiss – who previously created the iPhone Action RPG engine.

If you’re working with Cocos2D-X you should spend $49 (limited time) on this excellent starter kit!

It’s a worthy investment, and so far the only really good example code plus documentation resource for Cocos2D-X you can find.

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4 Responses to “New Cocos2D & iOS Products Hot Off The Keyboard!”

  1. Pawel says:

    Hey Steffen! I’m interested in buying your book, but I have a question though: on Apress website it shows that this book has 544 pages, on UK Amazon site it shows only 350 is it the same book? (

    • Yes, that’s the same book. The “350 pages” was what the book originally was supposed to have, but even the first edition had over 400 pages. Apparently that number is still in the “system”, so it keeps popping up here and there.

  2. Dani says:

    Hhhmm, you’re selling a starter kit that uses some graphic edits from commercial games like Metal Slug, for example. Are you sure this is ok?

    • Are you referring to Commander Cool? I’m checking google images right now, and the characters do look very similar. I really can’t say definitively from comparing the figures whether those are edits of the original graphics or custom drawn but “made to look similar” figures.

      I would tend to say it’s the latter (and the similarities intentional). There are several details that are quite different, like the arm wrist, hair and helmet, backpack, several minor details. And the tank is different besides the wheels and general shape, too.

      Btw, it’s not my kit, it’s an affiliate product where I get a commission for referred sales so I wasn’t involved in its development.