LearnCocosTV 7: Tic Tac To Lua

On March 12, 2012, in LearnCocosTV, by Steffen Itterheim

A presentation about KoboldScript with a demonstration of a Tic Tac Toe game with Scene changes and transitions. You’ll see more KoboldScript code and learn more about its key concepts in this episode.

Episode #7 – Tic Tac To Lua

• KoboldScript Demo #2
o Tic Tac Toe
o Presentation
• iDevBlogADay: Donations
• Angry Ninjas Starterkit

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2 Responses to “LearnCocosTV 7: Tic Tac To Lua”

  1. pavel says:

    I’m wondering is it much of an overhead polling each X and O tile each cycle for the touched state. Will it scale for bigger number of nodes, number of states? Battery drain considered, would it be better removed to a single handler from where it can update affected tiles?

    • Whether you do between 1-9 function calls or always 18 calls per frame doesn’t really matter in this case. Of course if you have hundreds of nodes it will start to make a difference. In that case you can use a controller type function which iterates over all the nodes, or move the code to Objective-C as a statemachine action or an Ability/Behavior.