I got my copy of Mountain Lion in the Mail today …

On March 24, 2012, in Announcements, by Steffen Itterheim

I was very surprised when I found a yellow bubble-wrap envelope on my doorstep this morning. I did not expect a delivery, and particularly not one that was posted in Plattsburgh, NY.

Neither size and shape seemed familiar to anything that I might be expecting. Although I was hoping for a second that it would be my iPad 3, Apple certainly wouldn’t send a high-valued electronic device in an envelope.

I dismissed those thoughts and took a peek inside. This is the item that I unwrapped:

Then I realized: it’s the book I added to my Amazon Wishlist as a placeholder for Mac OS X Mountain Lion. I created this wishlist after spending way too much time thinking about donations, and the rare cases where I find them appropriate.

Though it was a placeholder item, I did choose it carefully (there were other contenders) just on the off chance that someone might actually be tempted to buy it. I’m thinking that’s exactly why you chose to send it to me, because it is a special item. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised and I’m very happy about it! And I know just the little guy who’ll enjoy looking at all those “kitty” pictures.

Whoever bought the Mountain Lion book for me: thank you very much! :)

Unfortunately I only have a cryptic @marketplace.amazon.de Buyer Email to go on, so I’m clueless as to who you are. If that was not intentional, send me an email so I can thank you personally. You made my day, and you made me laugh!

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