My Xcode 4 Template Doc is now available

On April 21, 2011, in Announcements, Xcode, by Steffen Itterheim

As promised a while ago my Xcode 4 Template Documentation efforts have finally produced a result. Please refer to the product page for more information.

I’ve put in roughly 70 hours. Might have been even more, I didn’t keep track. I would appreciate your support by purchasing the documentation!

I also checked again if any new source of information on Xcode 4 Templates has come up, but couldn’t find any new sources. As of today and roughly 4 weeks after I started with my Xcode 4 documentation endeavour, there’s still very little documentation about Xcode 4 templates on the net. The following are the only external sources I referred to:

The marketing dude in my mind tells me I should probably mention that the information you get from the above links is just a fraction of what you’ll find in my Xcode 4 Template documentation. 😉

Happy Easter!

Or to be politically correct: Happy Holidays! :)

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5 Responses to “My Xcode 4 Template Doc is now available”

  1. Kim Le says:

    Does your Xcode4 templates show us how to produce a multiple target application – iPad, iPhone, iPad Free, iPhone Free.

    • Yes but not directly. Xcode provides us with a “universal app” project template that is mentioned in one of the project template tutorials. In essence, if you use this template as an Ancestor in your template, it’ll add a popup option which allows you to choose from iPhone, iPad and Universal apps. It doesn’t require re-inventing the wheel.

  2. shazron says:

    Bought your doc, thanks, it was a good read. I might have missed it, but is there info in there about (point me to the page number, if available):
    1) Creating folder references (shows up as a blue folder icon in the Xcode project, just points to a folder on disk)
    2) Setting the path type for a Framework. Through my experimentation, I would have thought (according to the Frameworks guide) it would pick up frameworks in /Library/Frameworks, but it appears any Frameworks listed in the plist are relative to the SDK.

    Of course I have tried to scour the Internet for this information, and thought I would find some tidbits of information in your doc.

    • 1) This might be possible by specifying a PathType for a Definitions item, see page 36. Also if you check out page 38, copying entire folders, this process always creates an additional and unwanted folder reference. I believe it’s possible to create a folder reference but at this point I have not been able to figure out how it’s possible or whether it’s possible at all. The folder reference created by copying folders might just be a bug.
      2) That’s a setting you can change with PathType, page 36. However the correct type for “relative to project” is currently unknown but you can use an absolute path.

      • shazron says:

        Thanks! Too bad about (1).

        For (2), have you encountered a way so tilde (~) expansion works for absolute paths? Appears Xcode 4 does not expand it. I guess I could go with “/Users/___USERNAME___” but don’t really want to hard-code the username in (the templates are user specific anyway)