Today is Christmas Eve. The last day of the Cocos2D Linkvent Calendar. I’d like to make you a gift, but I can’t give to all of you, so it’s going to involve a little competition.

This is your chance to win an unsuspected present: the print edition of my book. And signed. With a dedication of your choosing. Shipping and handling is on me, and I’ll send it worldwide. As long as you give me the correct address it should get there in between a couple days or a few weeks, hopefully in January.

I have five copies to spare, so there will be five winners.

How do I win the book?

It’s simple. Make a comment on this post. Tell me why you would like the book sent to you.

Make sure to enter a valid e-mail address in the appropriate field, so I can contact you in case you’re a winner. Winners are those that I like best, for some arbitrary reason I don’t even know about yet until I’ve read your comments. I am the jury and the judge but I’ll give you a fair trial after due consideration, or I’ll just flip coins if I can’t decide. Surprise me with something. I’m not looking for something specific, or merely praise or jokes. You could tell me your story, sing a song, draw a picture, record a video of yourself cracking a coconut, post a link to your blog, bribe me (hey, who knows?). Just keep it appropriate and PG13 rated, please. 😉


I’ll give you time to post your comment for the remainder of the year, until midnight on December 31st. If in doubt I’ll consider your local time.

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I very much enjoy the learning process, the pushing of boundaries (mine and yours and that of technology), having the freedom to pursue whatever is on my mind, to boldly program what no one has programmed before, and to write about what I've learned. Help me help you by browsing the products in the Learn Cocos2D Store.

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31 Responses to “Linkvent Calendar, Day 24: Win the print edition of my Cocos2D Book – Merry Xmas!”

  1. Yannick says:

    Because I have made the first comment. =D

  2. Dad says:

    Here at Geek And Dad we’ve been learning Cocos2d-iphone and been impressed with it. We’ve done a few blog posts on it, have three games in various stages of prototype/development, and generally like it quite a bit.

    The reason I’m hoping to win your book is for my neighbor who was just let go from his job of 20 years at an employee owned business. They made no attempt to find another position for him and he did nothing wrong. He’s a hard working and friendly guy.

    My only conclusion is that this is a classic case of agism: when a company decides to replace their older employees who have gotten enough raises over the years to be in the top earners at the company with new young people who are just starting out and can be payed less. Did they even offer my neighbor the opportunity to keep his job at a lower wage? nope. Probably they were too embarrassed to do so, or their lawyers told them not to. Just plain “eliminated” his position (replacing it with 5 new positions) and made no effort to find another role for him in the company – didn’t even mention it as a possibility! I thought employee owned companies wouldn’t act like this. Sad.

    At 53 he’s going to have difficulty finding a job, especially in this economy. He’s a smart guy and I’m thinking that I’ll help him learn to program the iPhone. Maybe I’ll be able to hire him once he’s up to speed. I think your book would be a good addition to his learning resources and that’s why I’m posting.


  3. Thiago Alves says:

    Hi, first of all, congrats to the awesome work you’re doing on the iOS dev community, despite many things against you you kept going and did this great work we read every day.

    Now why I think you should send your book to me? Well, I’m trying to finish my Cocos2D game since 6 months ago (not I told you finish, the whole development took another 3 months) and it seems a dead end! I believe with your book I’ll be able to crack what is missing and finally send to Apple my so dreamed game!

    That’s it! 😀

    Thanks again.

  4. Michael says:

    Hey, I’d love a copy of your book! I’ve been working on iPhone apps for about a year now but all simple apps for companies that don’t want anything too extravagant. All built with Titanium so far, but I would love to learn how to build a game, and do it the right way, using Objective-C and Cocos2D.

    Now, with all that said, I think you should give the free book to “Dad”, I have a job and can afford to buy a copy, let the guy out of work have the free one.


  5. Susim Samanta says:

    I am Susim Samanta.I completed Master in Computer Application in June 2010. I started my career as iphone programmer in an Organization which is in Kolkata,India.I joined here only 2 and half months before.about one and half months before I just started learning of Cocos 2d.Everyday I follow your website.In this time I also built a small game also.I think your book is really help me to learn Cocos 2d.

    Merry Xmas to you.

    thanks for a lot of guide about cocos 2d.

  6. G says:

    Hello Steffen,

    I won’t be using my real name on this comment but if you check my e-mail address you will find out that you already know who I am.

    I will love to get a copy of you book because I like cocos2d very much, from the very first day that I decided to write a game for the iphone, which is also my best game ever, I found this amazing framework and knew that I will be using it for my game. But the story is more complicated because is very hard to be a software developer in my country and even harder to become an indie game developer since it is very difficult to launch your ideas to the world from here. Just so you can make an idea, from here I can’t even subscribe to the iOS Developer Program or register a domain name and having a hosting, in order to do that I need to find someone from outside to do it for me as a favor, my internet connection is still a dial-up modem conection! because that is the fastest connection you can have…

    So learning a new technology, framework or whatever is so hard because you can’t buy a book, view an online video tutorial on YouTube with this speed, basically you have to read a lot of blog post and ask a lot on forums and hoping that someone have the same issues that you have or hoping that someone could help you out…

    Do you remember the first time I wrote you? well I appreciated your response a lot but still I haven’t being able to use your help yet :(

    Well, anyway, I want to take this oportunity to thank you for being always eager to help others creating, cocos2d-central and writing this book.


  7. Malcom Tay says:


    I wanted to say that you did the cocos2d game community a great favour by writing such a wonderful book so that all iphone, ipad newbie like me will be able to get up to speed on Cocos2d quickly and efficiently, that the vast amount of knowledge shared and the examples used not only help to re-inforce the understanding but help to further the reader’s knowledge of how a game can be developed using Cocos2D.

    I further wanted to add that the book is a definitely a god-send and anyone who wants to pick up Cocos2D should definitely owe the book.

    Now, the only catch is that I have not actually read the book yet since I don’t have one.. so to help to support the comments above, it would be great if Santa Claus (Steffen Itterheim) drop by my chimney tonight and put that book inside my sock. That would be awesome!

    Ok, I’m a bad boy.. maybe Santa might skip my chimney after all.. bummer..

  8. iUridium says:

    Well, I really don’t need it in printed form since I got it while was in alpha edition, but would like to give my credits to this book. It helped me tremendously learning cocos2d and iOS development in general. I believe there is no way I could have such progress with iUridium so far if this book was not available to me.

    On the other hand this book would be a great Christmas present, and believe me, there is a lot of candidates tending to become cocos2d developers.

    Keep going man!

    Merry Christmas !!!

  9. fringley says:

    I started learning cocos2d a few months back and have been developing a game which will hopefully be released early next year. Your articles and website have been essential in helping me find my feet – would be excellent way to round it off with a copy of your book!

  10. wuotr says:

    Hey @gaminghorror,

    A few months ago I just wanted to develop cool things for mobile devices. Very vague isn’t it? héhé 😛

    I had an android phone at that time and began googling on how to develop for this platform. But then @hufkens pointed me to cocos2d for iPhone (he said “maybe something like this also exists for android?”). I discovered really cool apps/games were made with the framework. Then I started experimenting with some code snippets in a virtualbox OSX installation (yeah… geeky I know, but somehow a bit like “inception”, the movie) and I became more and more excited.

    When @hufkens, @paddydonnelly & @timhaselaars suggested to make apps/games together I didn’t hesitate. I purchased a macbook and an iPhone and started for real. Since then I follow your blog very closely and I must say that you’ve taught me a lot already. Although I still have much to learn… but that’s just the fun part ;-).

    Also, the things you tweet are often very interesting. And I like your style a lot.
    I am very curious if your book is written the same way, héhé. Clearly, to the point and with a good sense of humor ;-D.

    Anyway, enough talk. Just keep on going as you do now… because your articles are awesome for beginning developers like me.

    Greetings and happy holidays.

    P.S. 2011 may be the year that will be remembered as (read this in an “epic” way): “the year Steffen Itterheim taught the world how to develop the most exciting games” (lol, fortunately a little bit of crazyness doesn’t hurt)

  11. Seifer3x says:


    I think that i should win the book because I bought the ebook version and I’m reading in a notebook 9″. what happens?, I’m going blind!, hehe.
    Appreciate as a Christmas present the paper version.

    Take the opportunity to launch an question. Do you have in mind any other book out?
    Another version explaining how to create games for other genres as platforms or puzzles as well as focusing more on the physical would be fantastic.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  12. Dani says:

    What? I have already purchased the ebook, jeje…

    Ok, this is my story.

    I have a job, and that’s very luckly here in Spain at the moment, but the salary isn’t very good and I work too much time.

    I like arcade 2D games, and months ago I inherited a first generation iPhone, so I saw the possibility to develop for that device. I spent 2 months salary on a MacBook Pro, readed a lot about Objective-C, cocos2d, bought Particle Designer, your ebook and other tools, and here I am.

    I can only develop on weekend, and that’s not enough, but luckly my brother Alberto also like this gaming world and help me with graphic stuff: he makes pixelart characters and I “only” have to animate them.

    Ah, you can see some of his art here:

    And that’s a bit of our background.

    Regards, and interesting initiative.

  13. Dani says:

    Oops, wrong Pixeljoint URL. My brother’s gallery is here:

  14. Rob says:

    I started programming with absolutely zero background when I got back from Iraq a year ago. Now I am out of the army and going to grad school so I’m broke. One of my resolutions for next year is to create my first iOS game – your book would go a long way. Merry Christmas!

  15. Tom says:

    Hmmmmm, why I need the book??

    Well to be truthful, what I really need is a kick in the ass to get started. But since you can’t grab a ride with Santa to come to Canada and kick me, perhaps a Canada Post employee throwing a book at my head will be just as effective.

    I’ve been working with graphics in embedded systems as of late (BRP Spyder motorcycle instrument cluster – architect) but that’s not enough fun for me anymore. I’ve been playing with graphics since the Apple II days but I think your book may be the spark I need to branch out.

    Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for the website.
    (and writing the book, of course)


  16. Kevin says:

    Ive tried various methods of learning cocos2d. Mainly looking at tutorials that are available online. I need to find something that will make cocos2d easier to learn. The tutorials don’t go in-depth with any line of code. You just follow along and hope you understand what you are coding.

  17. wolfengange says:

    In no less than 18 days the president of the United States is going to order an Air-Strike with nuclear weapons to the underground city in the ancient ruins of MuMu. Through a chemical reaction with the radioactive material and the methan gases residing in the underground loos, the planet’s athmosphere will experience a chain-reaction leading to the complete destruction of all mankind. I can prevent this from happening by reprogramming the nuclear warheads, but to archieve that, I need to construct an algorithm, based on your books’ tutorials in combination with a Serial-Number which might be written somewhere on the cover, encrypted as ISBN., the e-book doesen’t work!
    CIA is watching me over and I am hiding on an Island, in 2 days I will get an airlift to a secure place in Austria, after that we have just 16 days left to avoid the unthinkable, you and your book are our last hope…

  18. Ceph says:

    I deserve the book because I switch careers every 5 years and need all the help i can get. The bottom just seems to fall out in the field I am in. So far i have been:

    US Army Ranger
    Pharmaceutical company scientist / Bioprocess Engineer
    And now… Software engineer

  19. Kelvin says:

    I bought your alpha book, but would really appreciate a hard copy so that I don’t have to keep printing pages from work :)

    Merry Christmas!

  20. dzk34 says:


    I’m a newbie in iphone game develpment, I was looking for tutorials about game engines and frameworks, but the tutorials were not always complete, that’s why I want a copy of this book to have a good training and know all different aspects of cocos2d.

    Crossing fingers :)