Tutorials for Cocos2D for iOS are a plenty on the web. But I managed to find one that’s not very well known and provides a more technical introduction to the Cocos2D concepts and how to program menus, animations and detecting collisions. By technical I mean that the focus is clearly on providing working code.

Written by Hans Hamm the Tutorial Programming iPhone Games with Cocos2D is divided into four parts:

  • Part 1 – Cocos2D Architecture Overview
  • Part 2 – Buttons & Menus
  • Part 3 – Sprite Animations using a Texture Atlas
  • Part 4 – Scheduling updates & detecting collisions

Hans is also a co-founder of Anima Entertainment, they created the iPhone games Crash Birds (free) and Earth Defender:

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I very much enjoy the learning process, the pushing of boundaries (mine and yours and that of technology), having the freedom to pursue whatever is on my mind, to boldly program what no one has programmed before, and to write about what I've learned. Help me help you by browsing the products in the Learn Cocos2D Store.

2 Responses to “Linkvent Calendar, Day 19: Cocos2D Programming Tutorials”

  1. Dani says:

    I like those tutorials, very useful.

    I’ve seen that the pixel perfect collision is not explained. I think it will be great that someone with Objective-C experience could code the pixel perfect collision function. I don’t need pixel perfect collision for my current project, but it’s a very common task for game developers, and an already cocos2d built in function will be appreciated.

    When programming in Flash, I used a function that followed those steps:

    1. Check bounding box intersection.
    2. If there’s intersection rect, then:
    2.1. Create sprite 1 intersection image map.
    2.2. Create sprite 2 intersection image map.
    2.3. Check if some pixels on image map 1 and image map 2 overlap.

    Maybe this would be a good tutorial from you or other Objective-C experienced programmers, or a whole new chapter for your book.


  2. Hans Hamm says:

    thank you for these words. I hope I could give starters a good chance to get into cocos2d by reading my posts. If you like them you should also take a look at my developers blog on anima: http://www.anima-entertainment.de/?cat=6. there are some posts which are missing on gehacktes.net and also they are more uptodate.

    Hans Hamm