Learn Cocos2D Game Development: eBook is final!

On November 16, 2010, in Announcements, book, cocos2d, by Steffen Itterheim

Just today I was informed that the eBook version of Learn iPhone and iPad Cocos2D Game Development is now available in its final form!

UPDATE: the source code download (also on the book’s page, left side, under Book Resources) now includes all of the source code.

The print edition will follow sometime soon, hopefully within the next ~3 weeks.

On a related note, Ray Wenderlich joined forces with Rod Strougo to help finish Rod’s Cocos2D book, due to an oddly scheduled release date whose publisher apparently feels impossible to postpone. By that I mean to say: Rod’s wife is having a baby. Congratulations to that, and the book! :)

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8 Responses to “Learn Cocos2D Game Development: eBook is final!”

  1. Congratulations, I’ve read some other books and this one is by far the best and most pertinent to making real working games. Besides explaining how games are made, this book also helps make sense of Cocos2D, whose documentation is not very good.

  2. marcotronic says:

    Come on, folks. I know lots of you really like the book (like me!). Go write some cool reviews in your local Amazon stores (see the links on the right side). I´ve already written a German one some time ago.

  3. Saw it. Bought it. Have it. Will devour it.

  4. nembi says:

    Congratulations! It’s the best book. 😉

  5. paris says:

    nice to hear the book is final, already had all chapters merged into 1 pdf from the alpha chapters posted in apress but its better having the whole final ebook :)

    spotted a mistake in page ten, description of game center chapter talks about physics engines not game center :)

    Chapter 14 – Game Center
    This time, you’ll use real physics for a gravity-defying, planet-bouncing, ball-shooter in space. It’s not going to be realistic, but it’s going to have real physics. A conundrum, maybe, but fun in any case.

  6. Niclas says:

    Hey! Really looking forward to your book. I like the printed one, I want it right now so I can read it on my Mexico-vacation on a chair in the sun, with a Piña Colada in the hand, far away from home in Sweden. The release date on a swedish bookshop says january 1st, is that correct? I hope it gets out asap! :)

    Thanks, i’ll get back to you here as soon as I get the book!

    • Amazon.com recently updated the release date to Nov 30th. I don’t know how long it takes for the book to be distributed around the globe. I do know that german Amazon.de has the book still listed as to be released on January 25th and I can’t imagine that to be correct.