The “Great Apps Made With Cocos2D” List

On October 19, 2010, in cocos2d, Games, by Steffen Itterheim

This list is a collection of exemplary games and apps made with the Cocos2D for iPhone game engine. They should be seen as reference products in terms of what you can do with Cocos2D and simply the variety of games and apps developers have created with Cocos2D. This post is linked to from the Cocos2D book.

If you wish to add a game or app to this list, and you can provide prove or guarantee that it was made with Cocos2D, please leave a comment. From time to time I’ll move the notable mentions up to the actual blog post and delete it from the comments (to avoid duplication) but you can still grab some attention and a little traffic to your game by simply adding a comment to it here. And don’t forget that the official Cocos2D website has a games page, where you can also add yours.

Note: the order of the apps in this list is arbitrary, although I try to group similar apps together.

The “Great Apps Made With Cocos2D” List

The Elements (iPad) is a graphical representation of the periodic table of elements. The outstanding feature is the plentiful photographs and smooth 360 animations which invite you to explore the elements that make up you, me and the rest of the universe (excluding empty space, of which there’s a lot I’ve been told). It’s priced highly but worth every cent, and if you need an App to brag about your new iPad: this is it!

Note: iPad demo starts at 2:55

Bloomies is a colorful gardening game, full of bees. If that doesn’t sway you over, maybe the idea of fostering and nurturing your own garden does. The flowers need your constant attention and the gameplay is addictive just like any Tamagotchi-style game. Oh, and it happens to be made by two former colleagues of mine. It’s just a beautiful game, and so is their follow-up game Super Blast.

StickWars is a sort of Tower Defense game where you defend your castle from incoming stick figures by flicking them in the air or literally shaking them to the ground. The developer, John Hartzog, had never before worked with Objective-C or on mobile devices but he pulled it off. StickWars remains to this date within the Top 100 games and continues to be updated even a years after the initial release.

ZombieSmash is also a Castle Defense game, except that this time hordes of zombies are attacking and you get explosives, 16 ton weights, shotguns and other cool items that make a bloody mess to fend them off. Your castle is your barn and if you can defend it, you’ll be rewarded with a slow motion animation of the final zombie losings its, err, unlife. The outstanding feature of this game is certainly the ragdoll animation system that allows zombies to walk, crawl or otherwise try to move even if they lost some of their limbs.

Super Turbo Action Pig revives a simple gameplay concept of a scrolling level where your character always falls down except when you touch the screen to boost his jetpack. The extraordinary part here is that the game’s graphics are extremely well made and the overall presentation of the game, the trailer, the website and the humor are setting a great example.

Farmville, do I even have to explain what it’s about? It’s an incredibly successful Facebook game that has millions of players worldwide building their farms in an isometric landscape. It just goes to show how powerful Cocos2D is if a company like Zynga uses it to port it’s most successful game to the iPhone.

Zombie Farm came out on the iPhone even before Farmville, and it was also created with Cocos2D. It does have it’s own, unique edge and stands well on its own. If you have enjoyed Farmville, you haven’t played Zombie Farm yet! Visit the Zombie Farm forum thread.

Melvin Says There’s Monsters (iPad) is a beautifully animated cartoon kid story with professional quality voice overs. The story is cleverly constructed and has an insightful turning point. It’s a pleasure to watch even for an adult, and it also uses Cocos2D’s page flip animations very effectively. If you have an iPad and kids, it’s a must have!

Alice (iPad) is also a shining example of a kid’s book app for the iPad, made with Cocos2D and lots of Chipmunk physics mixed in for good measure. Visit the Alice forum thread.

Trainyard is an innovative puzzle game that was clearly engineered with the user in mind. It features a mode for the color blind, is optimized to use little battery power, saves and loads the game just as the user left it and even allows users to share puzzle solutions on the web, using a duplicate of the game engine written in Flash. This all besides being a really innovative puzzle game where you lay tracks and combine trains to match them with colored trainyards.

AbstractWar 2.0 is a dual-stick shooter featuring colorful and effectful geometric visuals like its role model game Geometry Wars on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s an intense space shooter with plenty of game modes. You can even play it in multiplayer via a Bluetooth connection and it allows you to use your own iPod music.

Fuji Leaves is an interesting music game, where dropping balls hit leaves and depending on speed and location of impact, a sound is played. With several balls on the screen bouncing around you can dynamically create musical scores. It’s intensely fascinating to play this game, trying to come up with interesting scores and just the right placement of leaves. Before you know it, an hour has passed.

Moonlights borrows the grid-building physics from another popular Indie game. If you wouldn’t know it, on first sight Moonlights looks and feels just like World of Goo, and that alone is no mean feat. Visit the Moonlights forum thread.

Checkmates Chess (iPad) is as gorgeous and elegant as chess can be. You can play against another human or the computer (well, against the iPad to be precise). Making use of the full size of the iPad, you can now leave your pieces at home. Visit the Checkmates Chess forum thread.

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15 Responses to “The “Great Apps Made With Cocos2D” List”

  1. Christopher says:

    How could you not mention Alice Interactive Story Book. I believe the developer even posted to the forums when he released it. It’s been a huge hit, all over the news when the iPad first came out.

    • GamingHorror says:

      There are so many great apps, and you’re right, now that you mention it I remember Alice and it’s a great one. I’ll add it in the next update.

  2. Nathan says:

    Checkmates Chess game is cocos. I know because I’m co-creator


  3. John says:

    Attraxxion: a physics action puzzler with a cartoonish steampunk style. It was created using both Cocos2d and the Chipmunk physics engine, released in September.

  4. Bill says:

    I’m the creator of Word Whacko for the iPad, a word game where you slide letters into place to puzzle out words, and it is built on Cocos2D. You can see in the second screen shot in the App Store ( that it uses some of the built-in effects. An iPhone version is coming real soon.

  5. Hm50 says:

    Please consider ‘Spell Blocks with Sight Words’ a learning to read app for kids. I can provide a promo code if needed. Universal App.

    Harvey (co-developer)

    Ps. A cocos2d credit is on the about scene.

  6. Dan Nelson says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Hope you are well :)

    My iPhone game ‘BATAK Duel’ was created using the Cocos2D engine.

    Thanks for writing such a great book on Cocos2D, I will purchase a copy this morning.

    Best Regards,
    Dan Nelson

  7. panthep says:

    Hi Stefan,
    I’m trying to do a game with Cocos2D but still not yet.

  8. Hi Steffen, I realize this hasn’t been updated or added to in a while, but I thought I’d still give it a shot.

    My first iPhone game, Yacht Dice Games, has been in the store since February, but I just released version 2.0 which is such a massive update it might as well have been a whole new game. It’s a great new clone of Yahtzee/Kniffel, with Game Center multiplayer and many other perks that I think whips the official “Yahtzee Adventures” and “Kniffel”‘s behinds.

    Here’s a link:

    P.S. I just added a German translation to it, but unfortunately it looks like some of the labels got a little deformed (German sentences can be a bit long and I guess I should’ve tested it myself with the phone set to German before shipping…)

  9. BCool says:


    My board game based on Cocos2d is recently available. It is based on a very old game we used to enjoy and had hours of fun. Please take a look: