On May 27th, the whole world saw the future. Because i told you so!

Line-Drawing Game Starterkit –> June 1st!

What’s that you ask?

It is the ideal starting point for your own Line-Drawing game! (like Flight Control and Harbor Master) It is a cocos2d source code project that will be available for sale. But not sight unseen, no. It will appear on the App Store for you to try out. And you get more, the full doxygen-generated source code documentation is available for browsing right now! Just so that you can assess the scope of the project.

What will it cost?

I admit i haven’t decided on that yet.

Show me your license!

Alright, alright. I’ll be fair: Free lifetime upgrades! Unlimited number of developers!

Each license is good for one published game. Additional licenses for follow-up games come at a discount. “Lite” versions do not require an extra license since they are essentially the same game. There will also be a commercial license for developers or studios who make more than $6,000 per month in revenue and can easily afford a higher price.

Why, please tell me why?

Because i can. I like technology and i like programming games. I’m also an enabler and i would love to see others build something unique based on game development technology i provide.

Anything else?

Yes. Today sees the premature end of the best new show of last year. RIP Flash Forward.

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I very much enjoy the learning process, the pushing of boundaries (mine and yours and that of technology), having the freedom to pursue whatever is on my mind, to boldly program what no one has programmed before, and to write about what I've learned. Help me help you by browsing the products in the Learn Cocos2D Store.

6 Responses to “Line-Drawing Game Starterkit for cocos2d (DELAYED, see comments)”

  1. Max says:

    I guess the point isn’t the starter kit’s creation. The license allow that.

    The point is: Riq don’t want to promote something in direct competition with his sole source of income.

    I also believe that a previous agreement between the parties could have avoided this unfortunate situation.

    • GamingHorror says:

      I believe you may be correct, sir. Could-have, should-have, would-have. That’s the thing with hindsight. You don’t know it until it’s hindsight.

      I’m always looking for the next one though. :)

  2. anonymous says:

    This is a tough issue.

    On the one hand, I too support Riq (I’ve made a donation, have you?) and all he’s done on Cocos2d-iphone and want him to be able to continue improving it.

    On the other hand, to think that he’s the only one who can or should provide starter kits and or documentation seems like it will not be good for him in the long run. The more “buzz” and help people find and get for cocos2d-iphone, the more people will use it and that is good for the “platform” which is fundamentally good for Riq.

    There is also only so much that one guy can actually do anyway. Documentation and tutorials for cocos2d-iphone could definitely be expanded.

    So, here are some ideas (just brain-storming, haven’t thought these through in detail yet):

    Sell your starter kit but give him 1/2 the revenue and make that clear to all. This is a win-win because he gets revenue for work he didn’t have to do directly, you get revenue from work you did that builds on his work, and, finally, users get more help and documentation to help them along.

    Cocos2d-iphone should move to a model more like SIO2 and charge $50 for games that are published commercially (e.g., that either ask for a donation or charge). That way anything that increases the use of the platform benefits Riq and helps him keep improving the platform.

    something else I’m not thinking of right now…

  3. Alex says:

    Hi Steffen,

    Are you still going to release your starterkit? If answer is yes, do you have any ETA when it will be out?

  4. n3ds games says:

    Then how is it on hold? Baffling.

  5. GamingHorror says:

    Thanks for the nice words! :)

    My Twitter button is on the top right, or here:

    PS: i’m camera shy 😉