This is worth pointing out: paulsondev (who unfortunately has no About page on his blog, hint hint ;)) posted a 90-minute (!) Tutorial about creating a scrolling Tilemap with TMX and cocos2d for iPhone! I haven’t watched it but anyone who is dedicated to make a 90 minute development video deserves attention. And as far as i can tell it’s pretty cool. Plus he uses the same desktop background as i do. :)

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1 Response » to “90-Minute Tutorial video about cocos2d Scrolling TMX Tilemap!!”

  1. Jason says:

    Hey, thanks for the link. I dont have an about us page because every post is about me creating a game from the first day I got my mac until today…. lol so there are a few hours of about me on there….

    But I like your site and your career background sounds great. I would have loved to be in the gaming industry a while back but just took it up as a hobby now, l agree with you it is really cool to be an indie, I am enjoying it.

    I would love to have you test my game…It sounds like you know what your talking about with regards to games.